Reblog: 50 Ministers Bless Gay Marriage Of Bill Gatewood And Rick Taylor, Showing Solidarity With Rev. Frank Schaefer

Bill Gatewood and Rick Taylor only needed one minister to marry them at their longtime place of worship, Arch Street United Methodist Church.

Instead, they got fifty.

Risking the loss of their credentials, the ministers came to show their support of same-sex marriage, an issue currently being hotly debated in the Methodist Church, as well as to show solidarity with an embattled colleague who has been personally affected. Rev. Frank Schaefer of Lebanon, PA, will stand trial on Nov. 18 in front of the church because he officiated his son’s same-sex wedding, which is currently against church law.

At Gatewood and Taylor’s wedding, the Methodist clergy members along with other clergy from other denomination filled the front of the church after vows were exchanged. Resting their hands on each other and the couple, they said in unison, “Those whom God has joined together, let no one put asunder,” according to

Awesome sauce: 50 Ministers Bless Gay Marriage Of Bill Gatewood And Rick Taylor, Showing Solidarity With Rev. Frank Schaefer.


Honesty | Featured Blog Thursday July 11, 2013


Today’s FBT theme is, quite accidentally, ‘honesty’. These two blogs are pretty awesome and I’ve found a great deal of encouragement in reading them.

First up we have JS Park, ‘the atheist pastor’, who bills his blog as being for struggling Christians. I want my blog to be like his when it’s all grown up. His willingness to tackle tough questions is refreshing, so if you’re not already following him I suggest you sign up at once.

Secondly we have Registered Runaway, whose heartfelt posts about being a gay Christian are touching and insightful. All sides of the ‘gay argument’ should be made to sit down and read this blogger’s words.  Look out especially for the Love Letter series: it’s grace in action.

What blogs have you been reading?

Have a great Thursday!

Reblog: Your Name- Aaron Smith [Love Letter Series] » The Registered Runaway

But I need to remember. You are not a topic, an issue, a political or theological stance. You are human, full of complexity, personality, intelligence, and emotional depth that all together are uniquely you. There is only one you.

And you have a name.

This is something people on both sides of the ‘gay debate’ are often guilty of: focusing on the person’s sexuality rather than their personhood. Read the whole post: it’s insightful, beautiful, necessary: Your Name- Aaron Smith [Love Letter Series] » The Registered Runaway.

Reblog: Psalm 55- Betrayed » The Registered Runaway

Instead he starts off the service with a word on the same-sex marriage bill that passed the house last week.

And I drop my head because it sounds like an incoming train and I feel like I’m stuck to the tracks. From my chest to my throat to my eyes, I am busted up. I am entering into an anxiety attack and I know it. I know what’s coming. I hear him start with the disclaimer- that I matter to God… but then it is like I don’t matter to God. Like I hate truth. Like I don’t belong here.

When Christian “acceptance” of LGBTI people hinges on the disclaimer “pending change”. Please read the whole post: Psalm 55- Betrayed » The Registered Runaway.

‘Jesus is not a homophobe’

The Lesson of the ‘Jesus Is Not a Homophobe’ T-shirt | TIME Ideas |

Is it really asking too much for the adults in whose care Mr. Couch is entrusted to try to understand what it’s like for gay youth to live in this world?