Reblog: “I Can’t Feel God Anymore” — The Big Secret of EVERY Christian – J.S. Park

If this is your first time experiencing [spiritual] dryness, then please know that just because you don’t feel God doesn’t make you a bad Christian.  It just makes you an honest one. 

Yup: “I Can’t Feel God Anymore” — The Big Secret of EVERY Christian – J.S. Park.


“Christian conversion is the total–if never entirely complete–surrender of the person to God as revealed in Jesus Christ. Christian conversion, as the continual process of self-surrender to God in Christ, therefore encompasses every aspect of the Christian life and necessarily grounds the moral and spiritual efforts of every Christian.”

Becoming Good, Becoming Holy by Mark O’Keefe

Reblog: To Choose Pain After Pain Chose You

Look at your spiritual lives.

Look at the callouses that have grown all over it.

The church has defeated you.

The perfect wife has deserted your soul.

Jesus seems like a distant 4th cousin.

Your ministry has fired you because you got caught but your boss didn’t.

You are done.


Over it.

Then comes Jesus again.

Gently knocking on your ethos.

You want to ignore Him but you can’t.

You want to run but you can’t.

He is loud now.

“Come back. I’m waiting. It’s not going to be easy or painless, but it will be worth it.”

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