Grace Mob

The Grace Mob is a community of passionate insurgents to combat judgement with tangible acts of radical, scandalous GRACE and LOVE.


We’re setting out to be the first in line to forgive.

We’re racing to release grudges.

We’re making room for those on life’s margins.

We’re raising our voices for the vulnerable.

We’re accepting the unacceptable.

And we are doing this through ACTION.


What We Do

Through tangible acts of grace via online and in our real life spheres of influence. An example of what we do; someone is being bullied with negative comments on their Facebook wall, we would come in and “mob” the comments with love. Or perhaps someone is a target of vulture-culture in a public way and they are being picked a part and feasted on, we come in and blast the site with positive messages of encouragement, hope and support.

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God hates plastic bags

Out of the mouth of babes:

A mother was filled with pride when her young son mounted a quiet counter-protest against picketers from the Westboro Baptist Church over the weekend, the Augusta Chronicle reports.

Nine-year-old Josef Miles and his mother, Patty Akrouche, were walking around the Washburn University campus in Topeka, Kan., on Saturday when they saw a group of Westboro Baptist Church protesters armed with signs.

The Church is infamous for using pickets with phrases like “God hates fags” and “Thank God for dead soldiers.”

After reading some of the signs on display, Akrouche said that Miles asked her if he could create one of his own.

Using a small sketch pad, he wrote out his message in pencil and held it out while he stood across from the picket line.

“GOD HATES NO ONE,” he wrote.

Also: the thirty best anti-Westboro Baptist Church signs. I especially like

He makes a valid point.

He recommends we go green.

Bringing sexy Barack.

‘Jesus is not a homophobe’

The Lesson of the ‘Jesus Is Not a Homophobe’ T-shirt | TIME Ideas |

Is it really asking too much for the adults in whose care Mr. Couch is entrusted to try to understand what it’s like for gay youth to live in this world?

The road less unblessed

Now I’ve heard it all! Frustrated by the fact that religious leaders blessed a portion of highway in Florida, a group of atheists decided to “unbless” the road. Armed with scrubbers and a large container of “unholy” water, the group sought to wash away the work done by the Polk County organization known as Polk Under Prayer.

According to a story by Bay News 9, “Representatives from various atheist groups in the area scrubbed the road at the Pasco-Polk county line. They were figuratively removing holy oil that had been put on the road last year by a group of area religious leaders.”

(Via here.)

Apparently they were protesting state/church involvement, which is their full right to do, but one wonders what they gain from po(l)king fun at something meant to benefit all local residents, regardless of their religious or unreligious affiliation…besides massive Internet traffic, and being labelled harbingers of the end times.