Hello! My name is Liana. I’m a theology student in my mid-twenties. I’m very passionate about getting out the message of God’s grace, and how it works in and through our messy lives. I think if I had to summarize everything I believed, I’d just quote James: Mercy triumphs over judgment (v 13).

If you have any questions or comments, get in touch!


11 thoughts on “About

  1. LOVE your blog! i am also glad I came across it.
    You inspire me to dig deeper to know Him.

    To obtain even a small measure of God’s love and make that a part of my everyday life – my life’s goal.

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  3. Hi Liana! I always saw your gravatar as interesting. Today, I am looking more closely. Is taht a demon that you have in a headlock? I also see you are Botha, as in Peter Botha? My vague recollections of past history suggests this name to me. I love your blog title “YourMess/HisMessage.” It’s so catchy and so true. thanks for reblogging. God bless you.
    Oh yeah, what does “dork out” mean?

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