Bad things: the bumper edition

The topic for our Bible study this week is demons: whether they exist, the extent of their influence, the position of our church (the Methodist denomination) on demons and the like, the role of psychology, exorcisms, cursed objects, angels, et cetera. Since I’m researching it anyway, I thought I’d highlight some of the more interesting things I found, whether I personally agree with them or not. In no particular order:

How about a poll?


One thought on “Bad things: the bumper edition

  1. In the last article on angels… I was particularly drawn to the last bit where it said if you are not a Christian you do not have guardian angels… and your prayers are not heard by God….It’s the last part which got me thinking… It’s something I never thought about… that if someone who believes God is there but hasn’t received Christ… that He doesn’t hear their prayers… I have to think about that…?? Diane

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