Ruminations from the back pew: visiting worship band edition

Last Sunday our church was blessed with a visit from CrossRoad, a worship band from Boksburg. They rocked both morning services, even the hymn sandwich crowd (much to everyone’s surprise, including, probably, the hymn sandwich crowd itself).

There was the kind of clapping and hand raising that would have embarrassed kids who’d brought along not-particularly-religious friends (I say this as a former not-particularly-religious friend).

Altogether it was fun and Spirit-filled. If you’re in the Gauteng area and looking to line up a worship gig for your church, do check out their website. They’ve got two CDs out, Rock of Ages Revisited and the more recent A New Beginning. Some of their songs are available for download here.

Hopefully they will risk visiting stolid Heidelberg again :).

Though I can’t say I’m rooting for a return of Spirit-inspired PDA :(.


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