Can I be holy if my brother or sister is hungry, or homeless, or in prison, or sick or a slave? Can I be holy if I do not do everything in my power to change the situation in which my brother or sister finds himself or herself? Sometimes what I do is the simple act of charity and personal caring; sometimes what I must do must involve challenging the systems that put my brother or sister in that situation. (Gooch, 2006:44.)


One thought on “Holiness

  1. In Matthew 21 Jesus tells about how He will separate the “sheep” and the “goats” when He comes back. If you look at this story, Jesus says nothing about going to church, or to the “right” church, or having the right doctrine. He says nothing about how much you put in the collection plate, or how many times you preached, or how “high” you rose in the church, or how heartfelt your singing was.

    He even says nothing about praying or reading your Bible!

    In this parable the only thing Jesus wants to know about is –
    how did you treat other people?

    Especially, how did you treat other people who were in need?

    Face to face; and day by day?

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