Rev Mike Endicott on faith, healing, sandwiches


We were privileged to have Rev Mike Endicott speak at our church this weekend. He is an Anglican minister from the United Kingdom passionate about taking the church’s healing ministry back to its Jesus basics. He’s a very droll and engaging speaker so if you’re curious, check out his website, which offers some free audio downloads and other resources.

The gist of what he discussed this weekend:

1. Instead of telling God “please do so and so”, we ought to thank Him for the work already accomplished on the Cross. By doing this we essentially acknowledge that all obstacles between God and ourselves have been removed. The power of God is in the message of the Cross.

2. Grace washes over us in an unceasing flood; we need to (re)learn how to receive it, because Christians in general bungle up this basic with overly-complex theology.

3. God is interested in having a working relationship with us. By being in harmony with His will, we carry the Kingdom with us, and it takes root wherever we go.

4. We need to trust God. A trust relationship with God is a two-way street: we trust Him…and He entrusts us.

5. When in doubt, remember: sandwich! God’s authority and presence are the slices of our faith sandwich, and we are the filling (Matthew 28:18-20). We needn’t worry about the details: that’s God’s area. We only need to tell the Good News, and get out of the way.

The Jesus sandwich.



3 thoughts on “Rev Mike Endicott on faith, healing, sandwiches

  1. You took Monday’s post down it looks like but I read it .. in the email notification and I wanted to say that it spoke to me because I feel like I’m running on empty or ‘low’ anyway… but it was a good reminder to draw on the Lord’s strength in the times I feel so weak… Diane

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