Weekend faith renewal: an honest minute

Imagine if honest minutes were mandatory. Where at least once every week or two, for a minute, you are completely and unflinchingly honest about your life as a believer instead of the friendly veneers we put on when we jostle knees in full pews or well-attended Bible Study groups.

Where we don’t put on our best clothes and take out our most expensive Bibles or tithe big.

How about now?

I’ll start. I’m setting the timer on my mobile for sixty seconds and stream-of-consciousnessing this baby.


Here we go.

I’m a theology student and I keep telling people that but I don’t know what it means or if it even means anything because I have this suspicion that I’ve made a terrible mistake because how on earth can God use me for anything? I’m not the popular youth pastor

Well, that’s mine. What does yours say?


2 thoughts on “Weekend faith renewal: an honest minute

  1. The ‘thinking’ that belongs to the theology student is somewhat of a lonely endeavor until it is fully formed. It is often misunderstood by peers, unappreciated and hints powerfully at times of being meaningless. Yet, the church needs those who think through complicated things, who are willing to look truthfully and humbly at all before them. Often they are the ones who unearth ideas that steer generations to come. God does not grant everyone the ability to see a thought through to the end nor to labor over an idea for years. As long as one does not get infatuated with their own mind but stays grounded in the Word of God, good will result.

    When I was in school I studied International Ministries (missions) because I felt the urge to be active….life has taken me to a more contemplative place though, a more fitting place for me. I look forward to gleaning from your thoughts in the hope of understanding more fully this magnificent God whom we serve and His intricate plans. Blessings.

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