Reblog: Dear Heart | Dear Someone

Dear heart,


You are slowly being released now, and it’s ok. You don’t have to be afraid of it. You’re a wreck, a bloody mess, but this is where the healing will begin. I am holding you, heart. Feel the life in me, and beat again. I am your rescuer, and I will deliver you from your past and heal your wounds.

You have deceived yourself time and again, but it is not your fault. Your intentions and longings are pure, do not believe they are not. I made you, and you are good, for I am now in you. I am your redeeming creator, and I will show you how to live for me.

Stop building your walls. They will not keep evil out, only goodness in. Release it. You are safe in my hands. I am your protector, and I will ever fight for your good.

You ran away, sought your hope in other gods. But I have led you back to me. You are a stubborn heart, and I had to show you, let you see. I am your one true God, everything you need.

You do not know what you thought you once did, as you are deceived and betrayed. I am sorry. Your pain is mine. But you are here now, with me.  I am your comforter, wrapping you in truth and love.

I will never let you go.

With purest love,

~Your Heavenly Father

via I Am | Dear Someone,.


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