Good Christians


I think we sometimes forget that we’re sinners.

I mean we know we’re sinners, but do we really know we’re sinners?

I think we forget that we live in a broken world, and that we, too, are broken.

It’s hard to remember how transient and messed up this place is when our bills are paid, our churches tithed, our dishes clean, our taxes sorted.

It’s hard to understand how much fixing we need when we don’t think anything is broken anymore.

And after a while we maybe start thinking that we’re not.

After a while we don’t rely on grace so much. It’s not really a thought or a decision; it’s just how things are, how things are going.

Spiritual apathy is very gentle.

It doesn’t demand anything. The absolute opposite, actually.

It doesn’t ask niggling questions about your life.

It doesn’t make you feel like maybe something isn’t right.

It doesn’t say that having all your ducks in a row perhaps doesn’t constitute a good, Godly life.

It demands neither answers nor change.

Spiritual apathy just lets you be.

That is why it’s so dangerous.

Much more dangerous than raging at God.

Much more dangerous than hating him.

Much more dangerous than wondering if he even exists, or cares.

Much more dangerous than any number of sins.

Because as soon as you start to think you don’t need God…you start to think that you don’t need God.

You can not need God even when you pray an hour every day.

You can not need God even when you and your family faithfully take up a full pew in the church.

You can not need God when you’re serving the homeless, preaching from the pulpit, studying theology, heading up the fundraising committee.

Sometimes good Christians are so good they don’t need God.

So maybe it’s time to start being bad Christians again.

Broken people full of doubt and fear and anger and disappointment and mistakes and sin. Broken people honest about their doubts and fears and anger and mistakes and sins.

We are that anyway. We only think we’re not.

Maybe it’s time we let the light shine through our brokenness rather than trying to be the light ourselves.

Being good Christians isn’t the point. Needing God is.

He came for the sick.

He came for the broken-hearted.

He came for us.

Let’s not be so good that we forget that he is better. 

4 thoughts on “Good Christians

  1. It’s really good to have a reminder… Every so often as I happened to last night, I have a really ‘honest’ time with God and I tell him everything I’m feeling ..that He already knows…Diane

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