Weekend Faith Renewal: I’m a privileged Christian


Over the weekend, I packed away all my Bibles and religious ‘stuff’. The idea was to get some insight into what the daily lives of many Christians who are persecuted for their faith must be like.

What I learned was that I’m privileged. I knew this before, but I didn’t really know it, you know? I’m privileged to live in a place where I can collect so much religion-related clutter that the suitcase I packed it all into was too heavy to move afterwards, let alone hide. It spent the entire weekend sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor. Hardly stealth deluxe.

I’m privileged that I get to take my access to other Christians, in person and via social networking sites, for granted. I’m so privileged, in fact, that it never even occurred to me to bar myself from the Internet for the weekend. I’m privileged that faith is so much a part of my daily routine that I haven’t noticed before how much time I spend immersed in it—reading the Bible, forwarding prayer messages, reading Christian blogs and chatting to God, often out loud.

I’m privileged that I get to study theology. I’m privileged that I got to complain about having to summarise a chapter of Leviticus. I’m privileged to have my Bible within easy reach, a Bible with my name scrawled inside, without having to worry that this will get me thrown into prison.

I’m privileged that I missed church to go bridesmaid dress shopping. What difference does another Sunday make? I can always go next week, or the week after that, or the week after that.

I’m privileged to serve God, to love Him, to praise Him, to expect His return. Only, you probably wouldn’t say so by looking at my life.

That’s why every persecuted Christian is more privileged than me.

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One thought on “Weekend Faith Renewal: I’m a privileged Christian

  1. I think often of how persecuted Christians must endure often torture and family disowning them and so much more…. It is much easier to be a Christian in a country like ours with freedoms of every kind…Diane

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