God writes a Dear John letter to the US

It’s OK, I understand why the new god in your life is so appealing. Sure, it hurts a little, but c’mon, I’m God. Seriously, I’ll be OK. This new god of yours is all shiny and is promising you “prosperity.” Let’s face it, the certitude of the “prosperity” your new god offers has a particular kind of appeal that the hope of love, peace and grace that I offer you just can’t touch. This new God of yours, he offers you everything without sacrifice (well, without sacrifice on your part; others will pay quite dearly), and admittedly I ask a lot of you. I ask you to lay down your life for the sake of others. I ask you to love your enemies and to be a servant of all. Honestly, I get why you want to be with him.

Read the whole letter here.


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