Reblog: Facebook Envy | RELEVANT Magazine

Comparison can easily bring to light any and every little thing we are discontent with in our lives. From there, discontentment can quickly become full-blown envy—the type of envy that can make us irritated with God, questioning why others seem so abundantly blessed while we sit in a steaming pile of self-pity. When we allow envy access to our minds, it robs us of the joy in our lives because we become fixated on the seemingly greater amounts of joy in the lives of others.

Do yourself a favour and read the whole, insightful article, which includes some practical tips for dealing with ‘Facebook envy’: Facebook Envy | RELEVANT Magazine.

My triggers seem to be weddings and babies in particular, but more generally anyone who seems to ‘have it all together’ or who appears to have life ‘figured out.’ I often feel like I’m out of step with my peers. I found out I had cancer in my Matric (senior) year, and it feels like ever since I’ve missed a loop in a pre-patterned picture and now my whole design is hopelessly out of whack.

What are your triggers and how do you deal with them?

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