Prayer ninjas

I finished YouVersion’s Prayer reading plan a day or so ago. Three things I’ve learned:

1. Prayer goes hand-in-hand with obedience. “God has no use for the prayers of the people who won’t listen to him” (Proverbs 28.9). Not quite sure how I missed this one for as long as I did. The whole act of prayer is essentially a demonstration of your willingness to change; surrendering to God’s will.

2. There is a right way to pray, and that way is simply, gratefully, joyfully, honestly, diligently, determinedly, for everyone and all the time. When I find myself yapping to God, trying to avoid the real issues or making excuses for myself, I stop talking, take a breath, and just spit it out. Trying to hide something from an omniscient God probably isn’t the smartest strategy, anyway :P.

3. God used this plan to bring home for me a point he’s been trying to make for some time, namely fear of Him. Fearing God is not so much being afraid of Him as it is holy reverence: understanding something of His power and majesty. I’ve often bumped God off the to-do list because ‘He’ll forgive me.’ Then He led me to some passages in Malachi…

“Instead of honouring me, you profane me. You profane me when you say ‘Worship is not important, and what we bring to worship is of no account,’ and when you say ‘I’m bored–this doesn’t do anything for me.’ You act so superior, sticking your noses in the air–act superior to me, God-of-the-Angel-Armies! And when you do offer something to me, it’s hand-me-down, or broken, or useless. Do you think I’m going to accept it? This is God speaking to you!” (Malachi 1.12-13)

Yeah…priorities reorganized *sheepish*.

I’m looking forward to the next #SheReadsTruth. If you haven’t signed up yet, now is your chance, the next reading plan starts soon!


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