Big Bad Intercession

The last few weeks the Spirit has been nudging me to pray for other people. At first I was unsure. I thought, well, I can barely pray for myself, so what’s the point? And maybe a small part of me doubted not only the worth of my prayers, but prayer in general.

But the Spirit stared me down and I started keeping a ‘prayer list’ and praying through it regularly. At first it was kind of awkward. You’re not sure what to say or how to say it, or if you even mean what you’re saying. But eventually it gets easier and more sincere. It starts out as a duty; a prayer to-do list. But after a while you genuinely start to feel for the folks you’re praying for.

So praying for others not only helps them, it changes your own heart. It works in you. It’s a +1 miracle. Nice one, God! He gets it.

– – – – –

Some prayer knick knacks: 1. Prayer hand. 2. Five areas of intercessory prayer. 3. Pray for me one 4. and pray for me two. 5. Prayer search. 6. A simply amazing prayer. 7. There’s an app for that.


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