Inspirational Quotes v 3

We don’t have a walk with God because we attend church once a week. Our walk is our life choices. — @JoyceMeyer

God does not just want to give you strength. He wants to be your strength. — @JoyceMeyer

Maturity is putting up with those you could easily put down. — @RickWarren

Dear Lord. Please give me the opportunity to show you that winning the lotto won’t change me. — @willis_w

Ask yourself, “Can I accept the fact that my decision to follow Jesus must be made time and time again, and for the rest of my life?” — @iamnotafan

Failure is not missing the goal. Failure is missing God! — @PassionNetwork

If you want a happy marriage, never wait to be asked to make a cup of tea. — @NixDodd

When you come to Christ, you need to give Him everything you are and especially everything you are not. — @JoyceMeyer

God doesn’t use your prayers to discover what you want, He uses them to grow near to you. — @PassionNetwork

I want to change my circumstances. God wants to change me. — @RickWarren

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