When should you end a friendship?

This is something I struggled with when I first converted. It sounds silly now but back then I thought, well, if I’m called to love everyone, under what circumstances am I ‘allowed’ to end friendships? How much is too much? What justifies the old dusting off of sandals, if anything?

In short:

“If you try faithfully to establish healthy boundaries with a toxic person and the person continues to abuse, criticize, threaten, tempt or harm you, it’s time to cut off the toxic relationship. The right thing to do is sever the relationship to protect yourself.”

Read the rest of the article here. 

It’s worth noting that, try as you might, and try as the HS might, there are always going to situations and people you can’t stand. Yes, we’re made new in God, but we’ve still got some of the old parts. If the love isn’t there, try to act lovingly. Not in a hypocritical way — but in a “I don’t personally see the appeal, but God loves you and I trust Him and so I’m going to try to treat you the way He would want me to” way.


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