Hey, Christians who struggle with depression?

Hey, Christians who struggle with depression?

Do you ever feel guilty about it?

Like if you just believed right you wouldn’t be so depressed? If you just walked with the Spirit, hallelujah, you’d be cured?

And have you tried?

And has it failed?

And have you been angry about it, sad about, bitter about it…depressed about it?

Has it made you, and sometimes others, doubt the strength of your faith or your commitment to God?

Has someone implied that maybe if you did more, gave more, believed more, went to church more, sinned less, maybe then you’d be cured?

And has it broken your heart when you believed them?

And how much did it hurt when it still didn’t go away?

How many times have you read things like ‘God loves you’ and felt nothing?

How many times have you wondered why?

Are you on medication?

Do you want to be?

Does wanting to be make you feel even more guilty?

Like even more of a spiritual failure?

Are there days so bad the best you can do is cling to the memory of the light?

Are there days when you feel so lonely that the whole Earth feels hollow?

Are there days so awful that you’re not sure, you’re not entirely convinced, that God even exists – let alone loves you?

Hey, Christians who struggle with depression…

Depression is a medical condition.

It’s not just ‘in your head’.

It’s not your fault.

It’s not punishment.

It’s not a reprimand for whatever spiritual failure you, or others, think you are guilty of.

It’s as okay to be treated for depression as anything else…a broken leg, a stomach ulcer, a brain tumour, a third arm.

It’s okay to doubt.

It means you still think about your faith.

It means you think about God, and above all God wants you to think of Him.

And He will work a miracle for you.

But miracles aren’t always fainting at the touch of a preacher.

Miracles aren’t always picking up a mat to the astonishment of locals.

Sometimes miracles come in blister packs.

Sometimes a miracle is making an appointment with someone.

Sometimes miracles have visiting hours.

Sometimes miracles are supportive friends and family.

Sometimes miracles need you to let go of some things.

But miracles happen.

Not because you believe hard enough.

Not because you’re spiritually perfect.

But because God, is God, is God.

And He does love you.

He loves you when it feels least like it.

He loves you when you feel least like it.

And He will make miracles happen in your life, because He’s Him, and because you’re you and He loves you.

Hey, Christians who struggle with depression?

It’s going to be okay.


3 thoughts on “Hey, Christians who struggle with depression?

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