Risky ministry

When the focus of the church is on its own maintenance, rather than on living according to the values of the kingdom, it is unable to foster genuine community within its own ranks or engage in ministry to others. Such churches become self-defensive, safe, cultural “holy clubs” rather than engaging in demanding, loving and risky ministry. The church becomes a social club, promoting “get togethers”, where members talk only to each other, not caring for strangers, sinners, or those in need.

Ethics and Spirituality by L Kretzschmar.

Jesus was not a fan of the comfort zone. At one point He said, “I’ve come to disrupt and confront!” An idea foreign to most Christians today. Most Christians today have an “us” mentality, which is ironic considering that Jesus spent so much time with “them”: the sinners, losers and weirdos.

So how do we shake off the bake sale committees and return to ‘risky ministry’?


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