There were two messages about how the groups understood mission. First, mission meant an incarnational presence in the everyday life of the community. Second, mission meant engaging with residents to restore their capacity to act, to articulate needs and to seek to have those needs met.

Hospitality was the main means by which this presence and engagement was offered. Two groups ran cafes and three others had a house in which people could gather. Hospitality created the sense of belonging together which made it possible to raise questions of belief.

(via tallskinnykiwi, via cuf.)

Maybe it’s because one of my subjects this semester deals specifically with the introduction of Christianity into seventeenth century Africa, but when I think about ‘mission’, the first thing that pops into my head is


And also this, but it's more PG13.

I thought of mission as something ‘outside’, something far off…

The capitol of Naboo.

So the concept of ‘mission’ as something as simple as hospitality…hello, blown mind of mine. This is becoming a habit.


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