‘A little epiphany goes a long way’ or ‘Your disorder or mine?’ or ‘Mind: blown’

Delusion. And botany.

“We don’t often think of it in this way, but there’s an important truth that needs some attention in circles of faith: A belief, no matter how sincere, if not reflected in reality isn’t a belief; it’s a delusion.”

Not A Fan by Kyle Idleman

What he’s saying here is that being a Christian should be more than lip service to Christ: if your belief doesn’t reflect in your reality, it isn’t a belief, it’s a delusion.

One of those ‘put down the book and feel dearly held notions tumbling down the abyss of epiphany’ moments.

I’ll post a full review of Not A Fan when I’ve finished reading it, but so far I can recommend it without hesitation.


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