A Little Less Advent Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”

From the Good News View:

The problem, is that often we can feel half-saved. I think we often feel this way because we imagine there to be a sliding scale of Christianity. There are strong Christians, or weak Christians. Fully-saved, half-saved or not saved at all. Let me tell you something, the Christian church seems like the ocean, “there’s always a bigger fish”, a fish that probably has a bible with more folded down pages and highlighted notes than yours. A bigger fish who is having more spiritual experiences, more quiet-times, and more friends converting due to their evangelism. But the truth is, it only seems as though they are bigger. We have all been rescued in full and by no effort of our own, to boast would be ridiculously arrogant, and to pity yourself, and write yourself off as half-saved would be equally daft.

You are saved, you are safe. You are not a half-Christian (or half-pregnant!), there is no such thing. If you feel small, weak and not good enough, in the words of Adrian Plass, “‎”Why don’t you concentrate on being forgiven, and let God concentrate on being perfect?”

You know those ‘exactly what I needed to read’ moments?

This was it.


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